12 replies to Katrin – Paradise Birds – Set 64

  1. El Mijo

    They really screw it when the girl is totally naked and they hang something around her waist. LS and some other studios did it and i hate it!!!

  2. 2cents

    I like her earlier sets (sets number below 40) but they cannot post them here.

  3. ned

    Same thoughts I had even when I saw her much younger photos – she sure can be a lot of fun in bed !

  4. Lab Specimen

    Please keep her coming such an adorable young woman, she besotted me already

  5. Horst Whippe

    Her lovely, tender tits, sweet ass, incredible smile and bold posing. She knocks me out, man. Incredible babe.

  6. Peter

    Oh my goodness! Where did this little girl get such amazing perky tits? Wow!!!!! I’m cleaning up my mess while I write this. Her little wet hole drives me crazy! I’d love to play with her.

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