34 replies to Lisa – Secret Stars – Set 27

  1. SS_Lover

    Sweet Mary mother of Joseph!!! 😍😍😍 MOARRRR PLEASE!!! 😍😍😍

  2. Daniel from italy

    Wow….perfect sexy and hot body….i want her in my bed….and…..

  3. IVAN

    I can’t wait to see Julia or Maise !
    And the rest of the girls that done

  4. Alfared33

    Someone must know where to find photos of this stunning young model without panties.
    She has amazing pussylips. Such a shame we don’t get to see them properly.

  5. VoyeurX

    mmmm love that young body and her perfect titties!!! Moore SS please!

  6. Anonymous

    It just doesn’t get any better than this. Lisa in a skimpy little see through bikini so we can see her unique pussy. God, I’d give anything to get a mouthful of those lips…

  7. Anonymous

    What and fucking hottie! I would not mind waking up to her in the bed.

  8. App

    Sweet but why do NN models have to take off their clothes as soon as they’re legal?

  9. App2

    to the poster App asking about nn models – you don’t have any clue, have you?

  10. Dax

    The secret of Lisa… A quien no le gustaría develar tu secreto que dejas traslucir en tu tanga rosada?

  11. Anonymous

    Sweet girl yo, just wish she took off her knickers in the set so we could see it. Those lips look amazing under them

  12. Arturo621

    Preciosa, Magnifica Y super sexi..!!
    Wow ..! que hermosa chica …. estupenda para platicar …, al menos…
    Gracias por compartirnos este set.,
    y si tienen mas como este.. .,
    NO nos hagan esperar..!

  13. Alfared33

    Come on Wetblog.
    Please give your followers what they want.
    More Secret Starlet sets of the amazing Lisa.
    2 sets is more like a teaser to better things.
    Thank you.

  14. Antonmallie

    Oh my goodness,Lisa you are so lovely!..love everything about you…lovely titties
    and hair….i just wish i could see you completely naked…you`ve turned some part
    of my body into stone….

  15. IVAN

    Show us more Secret Stars !
    Angelina 2 – Isabella 1 – Julia 16 – Kathy 5 – Lilu 21
    Lisa 27 – Maisie 24 – Michelle 12 – Mila 9 – Natasha 3
    Nina 8 – Nita 9 – Multimodel 2

  16. Prez Dotard

    Breasts like succulent, ripe, firm fruit. I’d like two please.

  17. Pervy Stan53

    I’m not a boob man but hers are perfectly firm and ripe and I’m licking my lips imagining being up close and personal with ’em.

  18. Porky

    OMG!!~ I would love to know the calorie count if you were lucky enough to get to eat that beautiful Pussy.
    I am enraptured.


  19. Alfared33

    Any chance we could have the photo set Lisa did with another model.They were both wearing shear white underwear and covered each other in oil.The result was totally see through underwear and amazing shots of Lisa’s awesome pussylips.
    Not sure if it’s Secret Stars,Star Sessions or Dream Models.

  20. Dirty geezer68

    Just threw out my Viagra supply, don’t need that shit no more, man!!!

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