7 replies to Sarah – Amber’s Models – Set 12

  1. 666Forever

    Hermosa sarah, siempre ella con su modelaje fresco desde sus 5 añitos, espero una pelicula porno de ella.

  2. Percy Filth-Trump

    We seen your yummy jubblies at long last, Sarah, now when you gonna give us what we been craving a long, long time — PUSSY! ?

  3. George

    WOW! Is this the same Sarah from “Silver”? OUTSTANDING! What happened to the birthmark below the knee? Either way, THIS model is stunning.

  4. SarahLover

    Oh, Sarah! You are so fucking hot. I am so proud of you for doing porn now. Lose a little more weight, Sweets, and you will be a MAJOR porn star. Mark my words.

  5. Anonymous

    Nice arse! Perfect for shoving my face into for eating her pussy out!

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