10 replies to Sarah – Amber’s Models – Set 7

  1. Anonymous

    I have waited literal years for a Sarah set like this. What a good day

  2. Delboy Trotski

    Lovely jubblies. Listen, John, when did Sandra do her first nude work?

  3. Llb-029

    Dang! That girl got fat.
    come on, let’s diet together… with… exercices 😊

  4. Johnny Obscenity

    A lot of teen models pack on the pounds later in their NN careers. I wonder if they’ve been pushed into modeling, want to get out, and think if they get heavier it’ll (hopefully) end their unwanted careers in front of the cam?

  5. Dik U. Longtime

    Any earlier sets, sexyblog, damn she was so much fun in the first stuff she did

  6. Hung wun

    Sarah’s very early sets with a cheeky blond friend were unbelievable

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