7 replies to Stella – Set 5

  1. Tres xi tu

    The first time around….but I’d be back for seconds immediately

  2. mike

    I wouldnt allow her to take off her clothes – I want that joy for myself, to slowly undress her , take her to my bed, and first suck those tiny nipples and make them big, and suck her pussy – and finally, what I am waiting for, fuck her bareback

  3. Dan

    It’s impossible to find more of her under that name and that agency. Does anyone know, if she was known under another name?
    I’d be happy to know!


  4. Cumkwat

    So happy I came here today. Please Stella, can you help me clean up? Lemme see that beautiful young pussy of yours. Mmm I’m gonna cum here more often! Your breasts are perfect

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